Broken Traditions, Chapter 4


Within heartbeats of Lost’s battle in Gammo and day after the raid of the Ceresti lead Isital soldiers, Queen Alisa leads her now large band of soldiers , to an area south west of Rtakivev, the place that the Isital call the Lifeless Rock.

Penicorn had watched Queen Alisa lead many raids , she used only a faction of magic power. Now she had decided to take this area, she would not say the reason. She just smiled and told him , “Its surprise.”

Elven Valley had always been a vast area , heavily wooded , surrounded by huge mountains, some of the features of the Elven Valley had been disfigured by King Isital. By the so called great King’s hands, a path from the valley entrance to the Toonacamy river and then north to nearly Rtakivev, had been scorched by a magic which cause the earth to become barren , an open path so King Isital’s forces could march unimpeded to the capital. He snuffed out countless lives , of creatures that the Elven had loved and grown to respect.

The area around Rtakivev, was rocky , with beautiful mesas, trees so large that they rival the mountain peaks surrounding the valley.

“As you believed , my Queen, there are around three thousand soldiers guarding what appears to be a big stone , and a lot of empty ground.” Alisa , watches the Ranger , features, she has to smile , when she notices he is human, he looks at her smile with bewilderment. Then she realizes she has smiles, and quickly says, “Thank you for your report, young man…” She smiles at him, “How is your wife and child?” The Ranger , smiles at her , before saying , “Fine my Queen , I am honored that you remembered.” The Ranger takes his leave.

Penicorn growls, “Mistress Alisa that is not proper behavior of Queen.” Alisa smiles, “I don’t see how it is not proper behavior , Penicorn, after all my mother asked people how their families were doing.” Penicorn protests, “That is different , Mistress , those were nobles , not commoners.” Alisa watches the Wereanimal , then replies, “How many nobles do you see in our service? How many times have we heard about nobles hoarding food or herbs? The commoners as you put it , are the backbone of our success , they deserve the same respect and thought as anyone else…” She walks to the edge of the tent , and says , “The old ways died with my father and my mother. I will not forget how it felt to be treated like a tool, nor will you understand how it feels to be used and tossed aside when nobles are finished with you.” Penicorn watches her , for a time , before saying , “I am going to take my turn at watch.”

A rock formation nearly half a mile away from the Lifeless Rock, the army of Alisa has gather, they are quickly attracting attention.

“Alisa ,” The young commander whisper, Penicorn glares at him, but he continues, “its all open ground , I don’t mean to question your abilities but most of the raids up til now had been design by Master Rastayn or by the warrior …” Alisa nods, “Yes Lost and Rastayn have been great asset, I will not condone any course of action that leads to death of my people , if I can help.” The young commander whispers, “I didn’t mean that.. I mean…” Alisa smiles at him , “I understand , you see a girl who is no older than a baby. Besides I have Penicorn for counsel..”

“Oh that makes us feel so much better , Miss Alisa, ” groans , a massive human, his name is Bievia Xari, more commonly known Bievia the Reincarnate, a barbarian half-giant whos tribe had been friendly with the Elven court, but when King Isital decided to disfigure the valley he began with them. He turned most of them to stone, others he enslaved, but handful of them escaped. Bievia is surrounded by other half-giants , in a few minutes.

Alisa , rushes Bievia and hugs him , “I knew you still alive.” Bievia had been the only reason why her father had escaped the family estate, he and his warriors had thrown themselves at King Isital’s knights, sadly most of them died at the hands of the Offspring Lost had killed. Bievia hugs her back , “It is good to see you little one , we have been hunting you since you left the estate.. A bird told me to come here, what is happening?” Alisa , is pulled by Penicorn, “That is not proper , Mistress,” Bievia , turns to the other half-giants and says something in Giant, the half-giants breakout laughing.

Alisa sits down on a rock, “Lifeless Rock, is the life of all magic that King Isital has used to disfigure the valley. From the people he has turn to stone , to the very soil and water that he has changed. Rtakivev is so badly destroyed that only a few of the most inner walls still stand.” She takes a deep breath, “Though I am a child , and do not know how things work in this world, fully. I believe the Elven system of government is flawed. In Rtakivev, the so called commoners do the work , and the nobles do nothing for the commoners but horde and bark orders. I cannot do that, I too was used by the nobles. I do not want you to follow me because of my title , I want you to follow me for the simple reason , that I want to make the valley better.” She turns to them in turn, “When this war ends , I promise so will the class system, I promise to make this valley whole again. To do so I need to destroy the Lifeless Rock, and to do that I will use every ounce of magic in this mortal body to make it happen. I have no right to ask..”

Hours later , at day break,

Alisa holds the rein of the trusted Reptilin, she pats her neck softly and whispers to her, behind Alisa are nearly seven hundred soldiers , cavalry , knights and rangers. She half turns in her saddle , to the commander with her, “Ok, set up the soldiers , hold the cavalry back though,” Penicorn pads along beside her , he watches her before noting the army ahead is settling in for a siege.

Zepialiar Taranenan watches the approaching the army , he turns to his scouts , demands “I only see a few hundred , where are the others.” The scouts shake their heads, “We saw five hundred over a thousand sir , they were joined by the Half-giants yesterday.” Zepialiar built his encampment on a high mesa , he could see for two miles on a clear day , ‘there is no place for them to hide,’ He turns to the scouts , “I want you to slip out and search for them, they are here some place.”

Zepialiar Taranenan isn’t a noble , in fact he hates King Isital and everything the man stands for , but Taranenan family has sworn loyalty to the Isital family , since the time when Isital’s father’s grandfather was a baron. Zepialiar is an impressive soldiers, he has lead hundreds of campaigns, in varies countries, he has always been on the winning side.

“Parlay , sir.” Zepialiar , turns to the archers, he watches the young messenger bearing a white flag, he turns to his captains , “Send out a messenger to see what they want.” One captain nods, “Aye sir.”

Zepialiar Taranenan rubs his stubble , he reads the letter ,

‘Greetings Zepialiar Taranenan commander of Lifeless Rock,

We request that you turn over the Lifeless Rock area to the Pendragon Estate, we only wish to have no bloodshed. We know you are a capable leader, and might even defeat us in battle but we are trying to spare lives. The rock is has taken the life of the Mother Earth , and her creation. Thus we would like to return her life to Her.



Zepialiar turns to his friend , a young female wizard , named Firan Nyeleri, “What do you make of this?” Firan smiles, “The child is different , we have killed enough messengers to understand that she has reformed the Pendragon Estate. She doesn’t demand to be addressed like a noble.” Zepialiar, rubs his stubble, “She knows my name, I never use my name in letters , Isital calls me Commander , or Ironwood,” She smirks , “That is a funny name for you , I remember you bought that blade , it was made from Ironwood, and..” Zepialiar cuts her off , “How does she know?” Firan spreads her hands, “Spies would be my guess , maybe she has a familiar , or that mageling teacher of her’s,” Zepialiar, “I think it was Sevenivth, spies I don’t believe we have those any more , not after the last one.”

Firan stands up, “She is far stronger than she appears , in battles , she is using a fraction of that power. There is no telling how strong she has become, there will also be no reinforcements if she sieges.” Zepialiar, nods.

“He refused.” Penicorn asks softly , Alisa nods, her face somber. Penicorn whispers, “I am sorry to hear that, I know you were not looking forward to doing this.” Alisa , only nods. Penicorn watches, ‘she is still a child inside, to force a child to this kind of action is beyond cruel.’

The morning was clear , and the snow had begin to thaw a bit , again the army of seven hundred arrives , lead by Alisa , she pats her Reptilin , and turns her mount , to pace the line , she begins softly, but as soft as she speaks , everyone hears the words clearly , even those on the mesa watching,

“Zepialiar Taranenan has decided on a course of action, that will end in bloodshed. I do not wish this course of action , but it’s the will of the Gods to force it on me. I will protect you as best as I can, I ask all of you to follow me. I ask you pray to your Gods for the souls on both sides of this field.”

She pauses, almost to herself,

“Please do not be afraid of me, and please forgive me for what I am about to do.”

Alisa slides off Reptilin, a soldier comes and holds the reins , her head drops and her arms, Zepialiar Taranenan watches , she feels everyone , Rastayn stands just beyond her , she senses the world , and the cries of the dead , of the things disfigured by the so called Great King Isital. Her voice whispers, “Mass Protection From Magic” Her soldiers , their mounts , suddenly have greenish shells protecting them from magic , “Mass Protection From Elements” Dragon like serpents surround her soldiers , engulfing them in protection from Earth , Fire , Water, and Air. “Shield” A black and gray shield forms in front of her soldiers , protecting them from low effect spells. “Protection from” Alisa enchants each soldier with varies protections spells, poison , instant death, stun magic , sleep magic , among others. “Ghost Armor” Her soldiers are cover is a ghostly armor which drastically reduces damage from weapons.

As she cast spell after spell, she begins to rise into the air, the wind picks up, the sky darkness, weapons are enchanted , the soldiers suddenly begin to cheer, but its all lost on Alisa , the wind screams and tosses her hair about. She suddenly opens her eyes, ” Meteor ” A rain of huge meteors begin to strike the mesa , the soldiers on the mesa run for cover , as the mesa is slammed again and again , by massive explosions.

Zepialiar Taranenan watches, protected by Firan Nyeleri and her “Shell” spell. Alisa , whispers again, as the last of the Meteor hits, ” Sunburst” Beams of sunlight break through the cloud , striking the siege weapons and long range weapons set up protect the mesa. Then she whispers “Tsunami” From the ground rises a huge wall of water , it crashed down the southern part of the mesa , sending the troops flying. Alisa begins a series of lesser spells , “Lighting bolt” , “Fireball” , “Flaming Sphere” , “Acid”, “Tornado”, “Darkness” , “Ice Missiles”, “Fear”, “Sleep”, “Weakness” , “Light beam”, “Dancing Lights”, “Blind”, “Flame Arrow”, “Insect Plague”, “Stun”, “Uncontrollable Laughter”, “Magic Missile” the rest of the spells lost in a howls of the wind. The mesa being pounded into ruins.

Then Zepialiar Taranenan hears Firan Nyeleri scream, then suddenly all the magic users on the mesa begin to scream. Bewildered , Zepialiar runs to Firan he shakes her , “What is it, hun?” She is deep in thought, desperately searching for a spell , that Alisa just cast.

It breaks through the clouds , a huge Tiamat, its scales jet black , mixed with midnight blue, its belly tan, its eyes narrow red and tan slits , as it hovers before Alisa , then it twist it great neck , as if to say “them?” Alisa watches as the Tiamat , drops from the sky , many of the soldiers on the mesa and few of those in Alisa’s group break and run in panic. As the dragon fear sweeps over them, the mages on the mesa quickly call up “Protection from Dragon Attack” , but the dragon doesn’t use it’s breath weapon, instead it shatters the barricade and creates a ramp into the mesa.

Zepialiar Taranenan feels the fear , he mind is screaming for him to run, but Firan’s magic roots him there, the Tiamat , lingers , swings it big head to with a few feet of Zepialiar Taranenan, it snorts once, sending Zepialiar, Firan and several dozen men flying. The Tiamat takes off into the air , vanishing into the clouds, Zepialiar drops to his knees, he looks to Firan, her eyes closed, but still breathing.

Alisa , slowly drops from the sky , as she does , a group of monsters appears from thin air. When she lands , she crawls onto her mount , and turns to Bievia, just a simple nod. Bievia , waits until she has been lead off by the monsters , and some Elven Rangers, before letting out a warcry.

Shaken badly by the dragon , Idei first class’s training takes over , he rushing for the first man coming up the ramp way , he doesn’t even realize it’s a berserker half-Giant, until he ripped asunder, and drops to the floor.

Bievia is a berserker , using two large axes , he moves through the soldiers , breaking limbs, or cutting them off completely. Arrows flying every where, Bievia simply throws his axe into one of them, and picks up something.. anything and uses as a weapon. Its rather unnerving for the Isital soldiers to watch a madman swinging an arm or leg , or a bow much less a two single bladed axes.

Penicorn has absorbed too much emotion, he doesn’t even remember who he is , he vaguely aware of its allies, it pounces on soldiers , letting its claws draw blood , or bashing them with its big paws. The Wereanimal , flies though the soldiers, teeth and claws , the emotions of the Dragon caused , has heighten its strength , speed, and fighting ability beyond anything it has ever know.

“We have lost,” Firan whispers , the surgeon , hushes her, with a spell, her eyes focus on the battle beyond the tent. A huge half-giant stands guard at the door, she whispers, “Why is he guarding…” The surgeon shrugs , “They said its neutral ground , the wounded keep coming…” Firan closes her eyes, and goes to sleep.

Zepialiar Taranenan finishes off another Pendragon soldier, he nearly falls over , a voice comes from behind him , “Surrender to Alisa, this is pointless.” Zepialiar , pushes himself off the rock , to face , young commander , Zepialiar shakes his head, “I can’t , you have to kill me first.” Zepialiar lunges at the young man, their swords clash , but Zepialiar is far better and far stronger, he overwhelms the young man, and strikes him through his chest.

Zepialiar turns to face Bievia , who says , “I normally would not have waited for you to turn to around, but you are quite good and wanted to give you a fair chance..” Zepialiar smiles, “Very sporting of you,” Bievia , notes Zepialiar’s saber, “A fine weapon, you have skill with it I can see.” Zepialiar , smiles , “I would like to think so.”

Bievia drops his axes , and walks over to fallen Isital captain and takes his saber, “Ready? You seem to have been bit shaken by the events of today.” Zepialiar nods, “Indeed , seeing a Dragon, much less a Tiamat , feet from you will do that. I am ready, when you are.”

Bievia rushes Zepialiar , metal clashes with metal, unaware the battle begins to slow , and people begin to gather to watch , the two commanders fights. Bievia matches Zepialiar , as they dance , and clash their sabers , each thrust and parry is countered.

Zepialiar breathes , “You are skilled with that saber,” Bievia thrust , and Zepialiar dodges , then Bievia smiles, “I would like to think so..” Zepialiar , lunges , Bievia , sides step , and slaps Zepialiar’s blade away. Zepialiar , backs off , “You have amazing speed for a man your size ,” Bievia smiles, “I try, I trained with the Elven masters.” Zepialiar sees an opening and tries to take it , Bievia takes a stab in the chest , only to counter with a cut to Zepialiar’s left shoulder.

Then finally after dueling for while , Zepialiar pulls back , breathing heavily , he comments, “It’s a stalemate.” Bievia nods , “I fear if she continue like this , we would both perish from exhaustion.” Zepialiar watches Bievia, “What do you suggest?” Bievia smiles, “When the Elven king held the North Giants to a stalemate , they join forces , to become stronger…” Zepialiar sighs ‘That girl gave me a way to join them honorably , and her spells weaken us , killed only a few. I want to find out why she didn’t use the dragon to just smash the mesa.’ Zepialiar , drops his saber, “It’s a truce , then” Bievia drops his sword too, he smiles, “Well met friend , they call me Bievia the Reincarnate,” Zepialiar , raises an eyebrow, “Pleasure to meet you , I’m Zepialiar Taranenan. Why the Reincarnate?” Bievia smiles, “medicine-men say I lived millions of past lives,” Zepialiar nods , “I believe it after that fight.” This brings a roar of laughter from the crowd.

Three days pass , the mesa is slowly cleaned up , Lost and Rastayn’s troops arrive by the end of the second day. On the morning on the third day , Reti and Reria arrives with the Elven families, and several wagons of supplies.

In a small tent , belonging to Alisa,

Zepialiar Taranenan sits beside Firan Nyeleri, Lost and Rastayn are across from them, Reti sits beside him, Bievia near by , as does Reria , and Penicorn. Alisa quietly serves tea , cake , and cool milk, she seats herself beside Rastayn.

Alisa speaks softly, “I am sorry to have made you wait three days for your meeting with me.” Zepialiar, shakes his head, “I understand , and have seen first hand , how you mended the wounded, and took care of the fallen. I am indebted to you , for the care of my men. But I have questions.” Alisa smiles , “Of course.” Zepialiar , “First is why you didn’t just wipe us out with that Tiamat, its breathe weapon would have cleared the mesa in a blast.” Alisa , shrugs, “My aim wasn’t to kill your men or you , or I would have used different spells. As I said in my letter , I wanted no bloodshed, there was some and it was unavoidable.” Firan smiles, “You are very powerful to be able to limit the Meteor strikes to injury and not outright kill.” Alisa sips her tea , as Zepialiar continues , “How do you know so much about me? My name especially..” Alisa replies , “My mother was very fond of you in her youth, you were just sixteen then , you treated her well when she visited the then Zegalo kingdom. She wrote you til she got married to my father, and you went away to war or some such. I remember her telling me of you , in a way , when she sang me stories.” Firan smiles a bit.

Alisa rises , “If that is all the questions I have to do something , I promised the people…” She pauses, and turns, “There is wilderness in the Elven Valley , north of Rtakivev, Bievia has requested the foothills and the mountains as the Half-Giant part of the estate, the land between there and Rtakivev is vast by most standards, a few want to settle it , by right if you and your men join the Pendragon Estate , you could claim that for the human estate or former solider estate or something. It would involve some thought , and would give you a voice in the council.” Zepialiar Taranenan, smiles.

At the center of the mesa, stands a large rock , that is embedded into the mesa’s granite surface, Alisa, Lost, Rastayn, Reti, Bievia Reria ,and Penicorn, gather around it. Alisa , closes her eyes, she whispers, but it come out a roar, “DISINTEGRATE!” The large rock’s outer crust, shivers, revealing a glowing rock, the light and heat , causes the group , save for Lost and Alisa to cover their eyes. Alisa smiles , “REGENERATION!”

The disfigurement caused by King Isital is slowly erased , grass sprouts, small saplings spring forth, and animals suddenly appear. All around them the ground rumbles and shakes, unknown to them, Citadel is being formed.

A few days later , in the new capital of the Pendragon Estate ,

The citadel that formed when the energy was released , a combination of the disintegrate spell and regeneration spell, which Alisa alter , became a massive complex for the new nation, people flocked to the new Pendragon valley , as a new nation was given birth.

On the uppermost tower , a flat balcony, Reria watches the sky , Lost appears behind her, “Miss Reria?” Reria turns to face him, she half smiles , she speaks softly , “You are Sara’s Pedagogue.” Lost nods , “Yes, I just wanted to tell you that Sara will be back shortly she had to finish her training, there are final steps to becoming a Chronomancer and an Epoch.” Reria watches him, ‘Why is he lying to me? Warta did it all the time…’ Reria nods, “I understand.”

Isital Estate , the kingdom was falling apart, the tradesmen , and many of the merchants left for the new Pendragon nation. He was getting worse , even his new born child displeased him, the boy was a weakling a spellcaster or will be if allowed to live.

King Isital , born Respegsa Isital couldn’t live up to his lineage, of great barons, he attained the status of a peasant knight that severed a king , whos lineage had titled Respegsa’s grandfather as Baron, that title was passed down the lineage until Respegsa. Respegsa’s father was a gambler, he was badly in debt , the family wealth was gone, the farms, and smiths in his region did poorly due to high taxes.

So the king stripped Respegsa’s father of his title , house , and belongings. Respegsa was forced into being the king’s property until the debt was repaid.

Respegsa at eighteen with a group of friends , overthrew the king , but had trouble keeping the peasants happy , and keeping from being overthrow by outside forces. So there came a day when Respegsa traded his vitality to a Necromancer in exchange for wisdom, charisma and greatness.

A drunk Respegsa throws his goblet against the wall, to no one he yells, “What is happening to my kingdom!” surprisingly a voice answers, “The Pendragon nation is taking away your tradesman, and your taxes… your kingdom is falling apart.” Respegsa , spins around , “Asetari?!?” A pale thin wizard appears from the darkness , he smirks, “Good guess.” Respegsa , demands, “I want more power! I want an army…” Asetari seats himself , his long black fingernails rap the table, a smirk frozen on his face, “You had great power and a great army…” Respegsa roars, “I want more! I want that elf dead , and that .. That..” Respegsa trails off , Asetari smile “The Chronomancer is a problem, I can’t kill the Elven girl , she is far stronger than me. But if I had more vitality and a few letters were written, there might be a way to disable her.” Respegsa screams, “Guard! Bring a pen and scroll…” The guard enters the room, and sees no one but Respegsa , but clearly Respegsa was talking to someone.

Penicorn trails after the remaining Elven Counsel members , they , like him are truly unhappy with the current government. Penicorn mind races , ‘Am I betraying my oath to her parents? How can I be? Clearly she has been control like a puppet, since we fought that wizard Sevenivth. Since that time, her training has vanished , Elven training doesn’t vanish without some help. And that Lost what is he hiding , Reria told Reti he was lying about Sara’s whereabouts.’ Penicorn sighs, it has to protect the Elven people.

The Elven Counsel members , six total agreed to meet the King’s wife , she wrote them a letter ,

‘To the Noble Elven Counsel

Since the end of the war between our countries , the Isital empire has fallen apart, to save what I can , I have murdered my husband, King Respegsa Isital, and rule in the stead of my son. I wish to rebuild the kingdom, and put whatever ill feelings my husband has made to rest.

I wish to meet with the Elven counsel for I do not trust the new ruler or her bandits. I am sorry to state that so bluntly.

Best Regards,

Queen Ditenna Isital ‘

Penicorn was given a place in the Elven Counsel to replace Giroin , as well it could get close to the Alisa, without causing any alarm. So they went to meet the Queen Isital, the route was through the former Elven kingdom in a small wooded village where they could not be seen.

The Queen had taken a room in the inn , the village was selected for it was abandon and the people had not returned, as of yet. The Queen held her infant son, as the group enter the inn, she smiled at them, a pleasant smile.

“Greeting thank you for meeting with me,” She rose , bowed and then waited til the counsel members had been seated. She begins softly , “The new Pendragon is a wonderful idea , but they will include my government in it, I have sent numerous letters. I have requested they hand over several bandits which have taken up in the mountains north of Rtakivev.” One of the older Elven , grumbles, “Barbarians the lot of them.” She smirks but quickly continues, “I believe that mage that trained her has been having his way with her… magically speaking of course.. Its very strange for a powerful Elven wizard , and one of noble birth to be trained by a non Elven..” Penicorn growls, “He is far too young to know those kind of spells.” The remaining Elven chime in with nods or yeses.

Queen Isital, looks down at her son, “I had hope to marry him to a noble family, surely if he had an Elven wife , surely our kingdoms would be extremely blessed.” She looks at Penicorn, “I do not mean to speak so bluntly , but is it true the Elven Princess has taken leave of her senses.” Penicorn begins to speak , when the Queen’s servant arrives with hot food.

During the course of the evening , they chatted until Queen Isital, says , “I have hired a wizard to kill the stranger, the” Penicorn answers for her , ” Chronomancer?” She shrugs , “The wizard is a dark one he says he will kill the boy teacher and the Chronomancer…” Penicorn cuts her off forgetting its manners, “You found a Necromancer?” She nods , “It was not easy, my husband had so many mages killed in his time.” The Elven counsel members nod and shake their head.

She watches Penicorn, “He was especially interested in you, Mr. Penicorn.” Penicorn whispers, “Why is that?” She answers softly , “He needs vitality, especially your vitality to cast the spell or some such. I brought him with me, if you wish to speak with him.” Penicorn nods.

The Queen gets up and leaves the room, returning with Asetari. The Queen introduces him “This is Necromancer Asetari,” The wizard bows to each counsel member , then turns to face Penicorn, “Well met , good Wereanimal.” Penicorn shivers, it says , “Tell me about the spell you are going to use on the Chronomancer.” The wizard smirks, “It will not an easy battle , not against a true Chronomancer , and not against one who killed an Offspring. And there is the Queen Alisa and her teacher. I have never faced a Psionic mage before.” Penicorn growls , “You would harm the Queen Alisa?!” The Necromancer , smirks , “If she was disabled I would not have to, but as it is now my contract is only for the Chronomancer and Psionic mage.” Penicorn asks , “Disabled how?” Necromancer produces a small potion , “This will put her to sleep and disable her magic for a few days, if someone slipped it into her dinner or drink.”

“Do you expect me to trust you? It might be poison!” Penicorn growls, the Elven counsel members nod and agree with the Wereanimal. Queen Isital watches them , “I trust the Necromancer, in fact I trust him enough to allow him to use the potion on my son.” Penicorn watches the Queen, “I am sorry but please allow him to give a small amount to the infant.” Queen drops her shirt, and exposes a nipple, as a servant holds a cup to collect breast milk. Then Necromancer adds three drops of the potion to the milk and the milk is feed to the baby. The potion was then given to one of the Elves for safe keeping to ensure that the bottle isn’t switched.

Hours later,

“How much is this going to cost us?” The Elven counsel was convinced , the baby was fine. Asetari turns to them, he says , “I require no coins , but I need 700 years worth of vitality from the Wereanimal, and 300 years worth of vitality divided among you Elven, the Queen and the child.” Queen Isital cradles her child close , “The child is off limits , please , I do not wish to give you any of his vitality.”

Even though it would leave it with little more than 10 years of life , Penicorn gave up 990 years, leaving the Queen to give up 10 years. Penicorn had a full life the Elven Counsel were young still , and deep down Penicorn believed he was betraying Alisa.

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