Brütal Bus Wins Red Bull Soapbox Race


The Brütal Bus has won the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Los Angeles, proving once and for all that there is nothing that can’t be done when you have the power of rock on your side.

The Brütal Bus, a soapbox racer based on Brütal Legend’s Ironheade Tour Bus, first came to widespread light thanks to a post on the official Brütal Legend Twitter, which earned a Kotaku mention in late August. The racer was designed and built by three college friends with an obvious love for Brütal Legend and the talent to bring the game to life in gleaming red, chrome-piped, flame-painted craziness.

But the Brütal Bus doesn’t just look great, it goes like stink, too. Team Ironheade not only won the 2009 Los Angeles Red Bull Soapbox Race but set a new speed record in the process, breaking 46 miles per hour on its run. That’s rockin’ fast! Check out video of the Brütal victory (and a lot of other soapbox racers, good and bad) at

Source: Kotaku

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