Build Your Own Dragon Age Quests


BioWare is now recruiting beta testers to build their own adventures with the Dragon Age Toolset, and you don’t even need to be an expert to apply.

For those already not content with the storylines and characters weaved into BioWare’s latest RPG epic, Dragon Age: Origins, or those who would try their own hand at crafting a conversation tree no doubt full of all sorts of inappropriate nonsense, there’s the Dragon Age Toolset, a BioWare-made utility that will allow users to design and create their own Dragon Age levels and adventures to share online.

Beta testing for the Toolset is about to begin, and BioWare’s looking for folks with the right stuff, namely, “a wide range of computer systems, testing experience and technical expertise.” Don’t let that scare you off, though,as even folks who’ve never messed with a toolset before can feel free to sign up. The studio’s interested in recruiting “fans who are simply curious about building their own adventures” for the first time as well as those who might have tested the waters of previous BioWare toolsets, like the Aurora toolset that shipped with Neverwinter Nights.

Fingers crossed the Dragon Age Toolset will ship with the game as well – BioWare says that it’s due for release “later this year.” The company also made hints about some community and website integration for the Toolset, with the goal to “to bring the talented Builders in the community together to plan, organize and team-up to create new worlds.”

Budding builders can sign up for the beta here.

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