Bulletstorm Soundtrack Goes Free


Epic Games is giving away the full and very impressive Bulletstorm soundtrack absolutely free.

If you’re a fan of Bulletstorm, or if you like videogame music in general, you’ll definitely want to check this out. It’s the full soundtrack from the hit shooter, 24 tracks of pounding, orchestral, 320kbps awesomeness, and it’s all yours.

“They call it a blood symphony for a reason,” Epic wrote. “If you love Bulletstorm like we do, you’ll have noticed the awesome soundtrack. And since our fans are pretty much the best in the whole universe – space pirates included – we thought we’d provide a free download of the Bulletstorm soundtrack in all its glory. That’s right. Free. No skillshots required. You’re welcome.”

The soundtrack was composed by Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz and Michal Cielecki, and while their names may not be as instantly recognizable (or pronouncable) as “big name” composers like Inon Zur, Jesper Kyd or Jeremy Soule, Wierzynkiewicz worked on The Witcher soundtrack and is involved with The Witcher 2, while Cielecki did music for Crime Lab: Body of Evidence and the Polish release Axel – Wielka Ucieczka.

And the fact is, it’s quality stuff. I could definitely see offing copious quantities of guys while this plays in the background, but it’s also quite listenable on its own and a very solid addition to any collection of game music. And it’s free! Pick up a copy at

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