Bully of “Zangief Kid” Claims He Was the Target


In an interview on Australian TV, the skinny bully claims that the “Zangief Kid” called him names first.

As always, things are not what they seem. Last week, we reported on a video of an altercation between two school kids in Sydney, Australia. In the forty seconds of video, a smaller child repeatedly punches an obese kid before the larger one flips out and body-slams the bully. The video went viral, and everyone from the hacker conglomerate Anonymous to tabloid TV show A Current Affair showed their support for Casey Haynes fighting back against bullying. The supposed aggressor Ritchard Gale was vilified for his actions, but in a recent interview on Australian program Today Tonight, the skinny little kid says that Haynes abused him first. Gale claims that he slapped and punched Heynes to stick up to his bullying, but that’s not shown on the short video. Gale’s family is distraught, as is Gale, for the amount of negative attention this incident as earned him.

“I was pretty angry,” Gale says. “I wanted to smash him.” But not because he was a bully but because in his view he was the victim. “He abused me first,” says Gale. “He told me to get to class you idiot and all that kind of stuff.”

The world thinks that Haynes was a victim, but apparently that’s all bollocks. “That’s just what he’s saying, to make everyone stick up for him,” Gale said. “He mouthed off at me first, and then pushed me and ran.”

There follows an interview with his parents and how they are sorry that it happened, but Gale himself doesn’t seem very apologetic. When the interviewer asks him point blank, “Are you sorry?” Gale responds, “No. He started at me first.”

It’s tough to tell what to believe here. There’s a lot of gray area when it comes to kids and the stories they tell. The only truth is that no one may really know what happened in that hallway or what led up to that incident, except for Gale and Haynes.

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