Bungie Needs “High IQ” Help With PS3


Want to work at Bungie? Hope you’ve got a high IQ.

Now that Bungie is working on a multi-platform project with Activision, the studio needs employees that understand a console other than the Xbox 360. One of Bungie’s new job listings reflects this, but just having PlayStation 3 skills isn’t enough.

Bungie is looking for a software development engineer with experience in PS3 software testing, debugging, and troubleshooting. Being able to program in C# is a must, as is experience with SQL queries. You’ve got to be able to communicate, work with a team, and have an appetite for high quality. Oh, you better have a high IQ too.

The studio lists “High IQ” right alongside all of the other requirements for the job, which seems a little odd. Does this mean Bungie requires the submission of an IQ test along with a resume? It’d be rough if a candidate meets all requirements, but he/she somehow has an abhorrently low IQ.

I had always thought that the majority of IQ tests were a big load of baloney, but apparently they’re important to Bungie. I guess putting together Halo on steroids requires a high score on standardized aptitude tests. In reality, this is probably just Bungie’s way of saying “don’t be a dunderhead,” but a much nicer way of putting it. If you’re a PlayStation 3 software developer, I don’t really see how you can be a dunderhead anyway.

Source: Bungie, via Game Informer

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