Bungie Veterans Announce 2D Sci-Fi Shooter Fallen Frontier


Moonshot Games, a small studio made up of Bungie veterans, has announced its first project.

If you haven’t heard of Moonshot Games, you’re not alone, but you probably have heard of a company called Bungie, right? Well, Moonshot Games is made up of an ex-Halo producer, programmer, and writer, in addition to an experienced artist. Moonshot recently unveiled its very first game, a sidescroller called Fallen Frontier.

Fallen Frontier is no Super Mario Bros., however. It takes place in a “hard sci-fi universe” with players in the role of a badass lawman out for revenge in a noir-style mystery. Moonshot says it features “fast-paced tactical combat” and “vast interconnected worlds.”

The game’s first trailer shows the main character fighting against heavily armored enemies with automatic weaponry, grenades, and melee strikes as he climbs and pulls enemies around with a grappling cable. It looks very Metroidvania, with an added dose of dystopia.

Players must complete missions to advance the storyline, but not necessarily alone. Fallen Frontier offers both single player and co-op modes. It doesn’t appear to have been announced for a specific platform yet, but considering the success of the similar Shadow Complex, XBLA and the PSN are likely candidates.

Moonshot will be showing off Fallen Frontier at PAX East from March 11-13, so we’ll be sure to get some hands-on time and see how it’s coming along.

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