Buy Mass Effect Art Book, Get Free DLC


Gamers who preorder The Art of Mass Effect Universe from Barnes & Noble will receive exclusive DLC for BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect 3.

Good news for die-hard Mass Effect fans who can’t stand the idea of missing out on anything: not only will you have to buy a bunch of expensive toys if you want to have it all, but you’re going to have to fork over for a book, too. Dark Horse Comics announced today that preorders for The Art of the Mass Effect Universe made through Barnes & Noble will include “a code that can be redeemed for bonus content for Mass Effect 3 multi-player including character boosters and the deadly Collector Assault Rifle to give you a leg up on the Reaper invasion.”

Nothing is said about what the booster packs will actually contain and I’m pretty sure I picked up the Collector assault rifle in Mass Effect 2, so whether or not this “extra” content is also exclusive is a little unclear at this point. It’s not particularly relevant if you’re planning on grabbing this thing anyway, but if you’re one of those nuts who can’t stand the idea of someone else having game content that you don’t, this is a pretty expensive chunk of DLC, so knowing what you’re getting becomes rather important.

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe does look like an awfully sexy book, with concept art and commentary on the game’s characters, locations, vehicles, weapons and more, but I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of tying game content to other products. That may be a bit hypocritical, since I did very briefly become a Pepper to score some extra crap for Mass Effect 2, but there’s a substantial difference between a 79 cent can of swill and a $30 coffee table book.

The Art of the Mass Effect DLC offer is live now and runs until February 20, while supplies last, at

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