Can Videogames Make You Cry?


Movies can make us cry. Books can make us cry. But can videogames make us cry?

John Walker, author of “Confessions of a Crybaby,” believes they can. Not only does he believe videogames can make you cry, but he also avidly approves of the crybaby in all of us, and nurtures it:

I believe that being able to burst into tears while playing a game is a great boon to a person. And I’m taking this as far as it will go. Were you to break down and sob every time you lost a race in Project Gotham, I’d have nothing but the deepest of respect for you. I’d think you a weirdo, but I’d respect you. Why? Here’s the rub: You would be connecting with the game, and being transformed by it.

I honestly can’t recall a moment when videogames have made me cry. They’ve made me frustrated, angry, scared, and maybe the tiniest bit emotional – but I’ve never cried. Have you? Do videogames have the ability to make people cry? Read Walker’s take on emotional videogames in “Confessions of a Crybaby,” and share your thoughts with us.


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