Capcom Looking to “Sell” 3DS Demos in Japan


Capcom has revealed plans to charge cash for a demo of 3DS adventure game, Nazo Waku Yakata.

You don’t pay for demos. That’s kind of the point isn’t it? You try the game then, if it tickles your fancy, you spend your hard earned Rupees on the final product. Well that’s not how it works any more, at least according to Capcom. The demo for the upcoming Nazo Waku Yakata will let Japanese players check out the game’s first chapter and will cost the equivalent of about $2.80. The demo will also be available on the PC, obviously without the fancy 3D visual effects.

Though many accused Capcom of pulling a similar stunt last year with Dead Rising 2:Case Zero, it should be made clear that Case Zero didn’t actually contain any content from Dead Rising 2, this is the first time Capcom has monetized an actual demo. Dead Rising: Case Zero did very well indeed, selling nearly 600,000 copies at 400 Microsoft points a pop. It’s hard to imagine its considerable success didn’t factor into the decision to charge for Nazo Waku Yakata’s demo.

While this announcement will no doubt be controversial, considering the rate at which Capcom is burning through goodwill in the last month this is really just a tiny cherry on top of an entire banana sundae’s worth of unpopular decisions.

Source: Destructoid

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