Capcom Shows Off Street Fighter V Gamplay Footage, Reveals New Character


At least one new character will be joining Street Fighter V‘s roster – “Charlie”.

Street Fighter V may have only just been revealed earlier in the month, but Capcom is already ready to show off a live, in-game match. At the Capcom Cup event this weekend, the developer showed a full 8-minute Street Fighter V match between Ryu and Chun-Li, which you can check out in the video to the right. It’s something that should be very familiar, but also just the right amount of different for die-hard Street Fighter fans, something that’s demonstrated by the commentators figuring out how the game works as they are commentated.

Furthermore, Capcom also showed off an extended version of the game’s reveal trailer that showed us a nice little surprise – the reveal of a new character. Charlie, who is blond and wears glasses, also has some sort of glowing oval in his head… and that’s all we know. His appearance was only teased for a split second, but it’s nice to see a new face. Fans will remember Charlie from the Street Fighter Alpha games, where he was one of Guile’s army buddies.

Not only is Street Fighter V coming exclusively to the PC and the PS4 (IE: skipping the Xbox One), but so is cross-platform play. Players on one platform will be able to compete against those on the other seamlessly for the first time ever in the franchise.

No information on release dates at the moment, but we’re probably best not to expect it for at least another year.

Source: Kotaku

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