Capcom Teases Resident Evil On Wii


Wii owners jealous of their 360/PS3 owning friends and their Resident Evil 5 can take some solace in the fact that Capcom isn’t totally ignoring them. In fact, Capcom’s saying they should “be very happy soon.”

When Capcom teases, we don’t know whether we should be happy or not. You never know if you’re going to get Mega Man 9 or Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. Still, something is better than nothing, I suppose, especially when it comes to the RE5-starved Wii.

“[Resident Evil 5] was made for the Xbox 360 and PS3,” Capcom marketing man Matt Dahlgren told Joystiq, shooting down any last hopes of a Wii port (keep dreaming). “That being said, Nintendo Wii fans will be very happy very soon.”

Soon might be sooner than you think: Capcom is hosting a RE5 launch party later this week in sometimes-sunny San Francisco, and among other festivities, will be making a number of “new game announcements.” That’s a deliberately vague phrase, I think. It could mean announcements of “new games” or just new announcements about game-related things, like more debit card shenanigans. We (meaning me) will be in attendance at the event, so we’ll find out as it happens.

As for what exactly Wii owners might have in store, signs seem to be pointing toward something to do with Code Veronica, the series entry that starred RE redhead Claire Redfield and some Leo Dicaprio lookalike. “If you are a fan of Code Veronica you should pay attention in the next couple of weeks there is some news you should be very pleased with,” Dahlgren said in a separate interview with GameFocus, adding that it wouldn’t be a remake on XBLA or PSN. Which just leaves the Wii. Code Veronica originally made its debut on the Dreamcast before venturing over to the PS2 and GameCube. GameCube, huh? I smell an easy port…

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