Capcom Unveils Street Fighter X Mega Man This December

This free, PC-exclusive, fan-made crossover will feature eight original Street Fighter-themed levels and bosses.

Franchise crossovers are nothing new in the videogame space, especially where Street Fighter is concerned. Just this year, in fact, we saw Street Fighter X Tekken blend two iconic fighting franchises into a serious smash-fest. This wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, but Street Fighter X Mega Man takes something of a different approach. Instead of melding two fighting games, they’ve taken the gameplay of the classic platformer, and added levels and bosses designed based on the fighting game. You won’t be facing down Ryu with an aging Dr. Wily, instead you’ll be tossed into an 8-bit, two dimensional world based on the Street Fighter universe.

Fan and Singapore native, Seow Zong Hui, also known as “Sonic,” was behind this creative endeavor, with support and direction provided by Capcom. As you may have guessed from the video, the game will feature Mega Man blasting his way across Street Fighter-themed levels, and facing down some of the most recognizable characters from the Street Fighter games. From the looks of the preview video, it seems our old friend Mega Man will be picking up special moves from each of the Street Fighter characters he defeats, as he is wont to do, giving him eight new weapons to work with through the story. While the game was created by “Sonic,” the soundtrack was created by “A_Rival,” Luke Esquivel, with some incredible crossover musical themes.

Street Fighter X Mega Man will be available as a free download from Capcom’s official website on December 17, and I, for one, can hardly wait.

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