Captain America Shows Off Steely Determination in New Movie Trailer


Steve Rogers might not have the muscle to be a soldier, but he has what it takes to be a super-soldier.

A new trailer for the upcoming Captain America: First Avenger movie is shining a light on why the Army chose the scrawny Steve Rogers to be the first – and indeed, the last – test subject in its super-soldier program, which directly led to him becoming Captain America.

As you can see from the trailer, Rogers is rather persistent in his efforts to join the army and fight against the Nazis, applying five times in five different cities. Unfortunately, his rather feeble frame gets him turned down every time. But this persistence draws the attention of the scientists behind the super-soldier program, who offer him the chance to make a difference. At one point, Rogers asks why he was picked to go first, to which the scientist replies that only those who know what it’s like to be weak have the proper appreciation of power and strength.

Following this set up, there’s a series of jump cuts, showing Rogers in action, both as himself, and as Captain America. There’s even a brief shot of him throwing the iconic shield, which is sure to excite comic book fans. We also get to see the Red Skull – played by Hugo Weaving – pulling his face off, which is always a treat.

Much like the most recent Thor trailer, this trailer is more engaging than previous efforts, probably because the focus is on character rather than action. Leading man Chris Evans seems to have made Rogers a rather sympathetic character, which is going to be very important part of the movie.

Captain America: First Avenger hits theaters on July 22nd.

Source: io9

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