Captain America: The Winter Soldier Featurette Spoils the Movie


A recently released YouTube featurette reveals the identity of the Winter Soldier.

Spoilers tend to be a hot-button issue for people, and understandably so. While there are some who enjoy going into a show, movie or book knowing every little turn the plot’s going to take, there’s an arguably even bigger segment of entertainment consumers who enjoy the twists a story presents. That in mind, if you don’t know or the identity of the Winter Soldier, the titular villain of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you may want to consider not viewing the video in this article. In fact, click the back button and go read something else.

We offer this warning because the video, which features official interviews from producer Kevin Feige as well as stars Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, goes right ahead and pulls the trigger one what Feige himself describes as “one of the best reveals in the comics of all time.” They unmask the Winter Soldier as none other than Cap’s WW2 friend Bucky Barnes.

Now, granted the original comic isn’t a spring chicken. Chances are if you read comic books with any sort of dedication, you already knew the identity of the Winter Soldier. The thing is, it’s not just going to comic book fans going to this movie. Imagine, for instance, that more casual fan who just loves Marvel’s movies. Maybe they’ve been looking forward to the new Captain America and so, looking up trailers and what-not, they stumble across this video. Congratulations, you’ve just killed their opportunity to enjoy a huge twist and share in some of the shock that Cap himself will surely go through when he learns the truth.

Now, maybe we’re overreacting a little bit. After all, we do live in the age of the internet and if this didn’t spoil the the twist there’s no lack for alternative sources that could do the job just as well. Still, it just strikes us as a tad odd that the film’s production would just lay it all out there. What do you think? Is this a stumble on Marvel’s part or are we surprised over nothing?

Source: CBMTrailers

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