Everyone who bought Cards Against Humanity’s Black Friday bullshit special has found out that, yes, they bought poop.

For Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity put up a once-in-a-lifetime offer; they were selling bullshit for the holiday. Many people thought the company was just fooling around and that there would actually be cards inside the box.

Anyone who was still left thinking maybe Cards Against Humanity couldn’t send poop in the mail was left in hilarious despair when the packages arrived. About 30,000 people received their literal bullshit in the mail to discover it is just poop.

But one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Some people are reselling the bullshit on eBay at a markup. One even lists it for $36; Cards Against Humanity sold each box for $6.

Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin said this was another year in the company’s loathing of Black Friday. Last year it sold the card game at a $5 markup on Black Friday.

“We also had the idea of issuing people a one penny off coupon, but that felt weird because it was still a deal,” Temkin said. “That’s sort of still doing Black Friday.”

So Cards Against Humanity settled on bullshit. Temkin said the company wanted to do something nobody else had done. After some searching online on whether you could buy and sell bullshit, the team found a ranch in Texas that sold pasteurized bull feces.

If you bought some poop, don’t feel bad. Cards Against Humanity is donating the profits – 20 cents on each box – to Heifer International, a charity for ending poverty and hunger by providing livestock to communities.

Source: TIME

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