Castle Crashers Dev Reveal New Game Next Week


The creators of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers will be revealing their third game next week, and they’ve released a single teaser image to whet your appetite for cute cartoony guys with big old-timey hats.

The Behemoth, who are responsible for Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, have been working hard at their third game, and are just about ready to show it to the public. On March 18th (that’s next week), they’ll debut the first trailer for the title, which we basically know exactly nothing about.

There’s only the single teaser image The Behemoth revealed, showing a forlorn looking square-headed fellow with a top hat on, standing behind a counter next to a cash register while someone shows him a giant green gem that, for whatever reason, is making him cry. Behind him, it looks like there’s a gathering rabble of evil monsters or something, or at least I assume they’re evil based on their glowing red eyes. Could it be a merchant from Castle Crashers 2?

What we do know is that apparently development is proceeding nicely. “I can tell you though that we are off to a very strong & solid start,” The Behemoth’s Dan Paladin said last month. “The game has proven to be a lot of fun for the people that we’ve shown!” Paladin also mentioned that the game is like “two games in one,” so chew on that bone until next week. I just hope it doesn’t take as long to come out as Castle Crashers did.

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