The new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron lets you look Vision right in the eyes.

We’re less than two months away from the theatrical release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Just take a moment and let that fact roll around in your mind. It was only a few years ago that interconnected superhero films seemed like a risky proposition. People weren’t sure if Marvel and Joss Whedon would be able to pull off something as big, bold and unprecedented as The Avengers. Nowadays the only thing people really wonder about with Marvel films is what box office records they’ll break and how many more trailers we’ll get before opening day actually arrives.

In the case of Age of Ultron, that number (not counting TV spots) will be at least three. A third trailer was released by Marvel today, showcasing new footage, giving another glimpse of Paul Bettany’s Vision and shedding more light on the motives of the film’s titular baddie Ultron. Taking a page from the JRPG villain’s handbook, he basically wants to bring about world peace by annihilating all of humanity. “There’s only one path to peace,” he says. “Their extinction.”

After this brief bit of monologue-ing the trailer transports the viewer to the spiffy looking Avengers tower where Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark talks about his role in the creation of Ultron. He alludes to some of the Avengers recent failures and reveals that he’d been hoping to foster world peace so he and his fellow heroes could “end the fight and go home.” The remainder of the trailer after that is a montage of action sequences including a cool shot of the Avengers fighting in a circle formation against an unstoppable horde of Ultron bots. The trailer closes on our first in-motion image of Paul Bettany’s Vision and his baby-blue android eyes.

Give the trailer a gander and let us know if you feel at all more driven to see Age of Ultron when it hits theaters on May 1st.

Source: Marvel

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