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Read Article The Punisher Had a Super Gory Game That Too Many People Missed
The Punisher video game 2005 Volition THQ ultra extremely violent censored violence murder gore torture
Read Article GoldenEye Is Coming Back, so Nightfire Should Be Next
James Bond 007: Nightfire revival needed Eurocom EA remaster
Read Article The Last of Us Part I Opens the Door for More Episodes
Naughty Dog The Last of Us Part I opens door for smaller standalone episodes of unique character storytelling episodic sequel
Read Article The Saints Row Badlands Are a Joyful & Ridiculous Snapshot of Americana
Saints Row 2022 reboot Badlands ridiculous tour of Americana giant fork roadside attractions
Read Article BioShock 4 Needs to Avoid BioShock Infinite’s Big Mistake
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC shows pre-collapse Rapture and connects it to Columbia from BioShock Infinite, part of the multiverse.
Read Article Alone in the Dark Is the Best Horror Game You Might’ve Never Played
original Alone in the Dark 1992 Frederick Raynal Infogrames survival horror game inspiration to Resident Evil and reboot
Read Article Xbox Game Pass Needs to Let You Turn Off Smart Delivery
Xbox Game Pass needs choice to turn off Smart Delivery for Xbox One XB1 Series X S XSX XSS version of video game due to SSD and hard disk storage space
Read Article Spider-Man Remastered Is One PC Mod Away from Perfection
Insomniac Marvels Spider-Man Remastered PC mod for web-slinging from Spider-Man 2 to make it perfect Marvel's
Read Article The Saints Row Reboot Hasn’t Mentioned Johnny Gat, and That’s Great
Saints Row reboot has no Johnny Gat, which is great move for Volition not to jump the gun
Read Article Stray Needs a New, Cat-Faithful Ending
new alternate ending Stray faithful to cats, just leave and ignore everyone - BlueTwelve Studio Annapurna Interactive

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