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Read Article Silent Hill Needs a Hard Reboot, Not a Sequel
Silent Hill needs a hard reboot, not a sequel at Konami, maybe from Hideo Kojima Productions or Bloober Team
Read Article Starfield Boasts 150,000 Lines of Dialogue, and That Has Me Worried
Starfield dialogue 150,000 lines script worried concerned about quantity over quality with Bethesda Software and Todd Howard
Read Article Death Stranding Doesn’t Need an Explanation
Death Stranding does not need plot story explanation all mystery explained in deep detail by Hideo Kojima Productions
Read Article The Deathloop Kick Is an Endlessly Satisfying Way to Belt Your Enemies
Arkane Lyon Studios Deathloop kick boot is extremely fun and satisfying big boot
Read Article Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake Needs to Fix the Original’s Biggest Flaw
KOTOR aspyr star wars: knights of the old republic remake needs to fix original bioware biggest mistake of flip-flop light dark side ending with Bastila
Read Article Blinged Out Ride Needs to Return for the Saints Row Reboot
saints row blinged out ride needs to return in reboot
Read Article Aliens: Fireteam Elite Is the Prometheus Sequel I Needed
cold iron studios aliens: fireteam elite is a ridley scott prometheus sequel story black goo engineers ship
Read Article Fortnite Impostors Is a Hollow, Soulless Among Us Knock-Off
Epic Games fortnite impostors steals from and is a rip-off knock-off discount value brand Among Us from Innersloth
Read Article Alien: Isolation’s Xenomorph Is Terrifying Even When You Understand How Its AI Cheats
Alien: Isolation terrifying even when you understand xenomorph AI cheating Creative Assembly
Read Article The Fantastic Fallout 4 Feature You May Have Missed
Fallout 4 skip interrupt NPC dialogue with angry disgruntled snarky remarks

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