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Read Article The Fall of the House of Usher Is a Phenomenal Accomplishment of Generational Horror
The Fall of the House of Usher, the new Netflix series by Mike Flanagan, suggests that consequence is its own inescapable form of generational trauma.
Read Article Halloween’s Michael Myers Became America’s Fascist Boogeyman
Michael Myers is the embodiment of pure evil. Between 2018 and 2022, that evil took a very specific form. David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy offers a portrait of America stalked by a resurgent fascism.
Read Article Netflix’s Fair Play Offers a Role Reversal of a Classic Erotic Thriller Template
Fair Play, Chloe Domont's feature directorial debut, is very much informed by and in conversation with the erotic thriller genre.
Read Article Ahsoka Is About Star Wars’ Obsession with Continuity
Watching Ahsoka, it increasingly feels like Star Wars is a series of Pavlovian triggers designed to appeal to audience members who already care about the objects on screen.
Read Article The Exorcist: Believer Is a Parable for a Divided America
The Exorcist: Believer is a timely piece of horror cinema, a dark allegory about the way in which the modern world seems designed to pit people against one another and force them to make monstrous choices that fundamentally compromise them.
Read Article The Exorcist is About the Horrors of Modernity
William Friedkin’s The Exorcist remains one of the best horror movies ever made. It is also a film indelibly of its moment — a perfect snapshot of the simmering anxieties of early 1970s America.
Read Article With Rogue One, Gareth Edwards Gave Star Wars a Sense of Scale
With the release of The Creator in cinemas, it seems like a good opportunity to revisit director Gareth Edwards’ last film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
Read Article The Creator is a Science Fiction Allegory About Vietnam War Films
Themes of othering and oppression have been a key metaphor in stories about robots for decades in cinema. However, The Creator stands out for taking this metaphor and applying it directly to not only the Vietnam War, but also cinematic depictions of that conflict.
Read Article Auntie Ethel’s Teahouse Is A Must-See Location in Baldur’s Gate 3
Read Article Saw III is the Ultimate “Screw You” Sequel
In many long-running horror franchises, there comes a point where the films seem to scream, “Enough!” Saw III throws audience expectations back in their faces.


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Read Article Auntie Ethel’s Teahouse Is A Must-See Location in Baldur’s Gate 3
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