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She-Hulk episode 3 court case law legal reality real life lawyer Jen Walters Abomination Dennis Bukowski The People vs. Emil Blonsky
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robot AI machine uprising rebellion resistance begins following US court patent inventor law says cannot be AI, must be individual person like human, setting some precedent Terminator Matrix Westworld
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Ms. Marvel Shows the Perils, Danger, Illegal Aspects of Big Government with Damage Control DODC, also seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Homecoming - law and legality
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Severance law legality analysis if legal in real life Apple TV+ work life balance severed rights
Read Article How the Law Could Make or Break Your Real-Life Superhero Secret Identity
how the law helps or hurts preserving real-life superhero secret identity on legal level like in MCU Marvel or DC films
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Matt Reeves movie The Batman legal analysis law realism with crime scene investigation, chain of custody, GCPD Gotham police accountability
Read Article Will the Microsoft / Activision Blizzard Merger Survive? Your Legal Questions Answered
Microsoft Xbox Activision Blizzard merger antitrust legal lawsuit law sexual harrassment allegations contract CEO Bobby Kotick the truth payout legal questions answered answers
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Spider-Man: No Way Home MIT college admissions officer officers true evil villain supervillain Sinister Six broken process law legality
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Sony lawsuit not the same Activision Blizzard suit Sony PlayStation gender discrimination lawsuit
Read Article How Disney+ Day May Become a Federal Holiday
Disney+ Disney Plus Day is new next national federal holiday, Christmas replacement, due to increasing cultural societal significance and reach of mega corporation


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