Catherine Propels Itself Into Atlus’ Record Books


Atlus says that Catherine has exceeded its “highest expectations.”

Catherine might seem like a niche game, but according to Atlus, the erotic thriller/puzzle game/relationship simulator has found a bigger audience than the publisher ever expected. In fact, it’s had the biggest launch of any Atlus game to date.

In a statement, vice president of sales and marketing Tim Pivnicny, said that Catherine has exceeded Atlus’ highest expectations. He said that not only had Catherine been the most successful game launch in the company’s 20-year history, it was continuing to sell well. He was pleased at the response the game had received from critics and fans alike, which he thought had been helped in no small part by the demo released on PSN and Xbox Live a few weeks before the game’s launch.

Pivnicny didn’t supply exact sales numbers for Catherine, nor did he reveal sales targets, so it’s hard to gauge exactly how successful the game really was. All the same, it’s heartening that there’s a market for games that stray outside the normal subject matter of epic battles and gritty warfare, even if it’s comparatively small.

Catherine is already available in North America, and is making its way to Europe at some point in the future.

Source: IGN

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