CCP’s Music Video: “Harden the F*ck Up”


Move over, Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain. EVE Online developer CCP’s own in-house band is bursting onto the scene with an awesome new music video in which they give their competition one piece of advice: “Harden the F*ck Up.”

Warning: Language!

Have I mentioned I love those crazy EVE Online guys? Because I really, really do: This may well be the best thing I’ve seen this week. Though CCP in-house band Permaband (so punny it’s awesome) takes the spotlight in this video, spitting phat rhymes about the trials and tribulations of being developers and GMs for the sci-fi MMOG, the entire company gets into the mood to rock the hell out.

My personal favorite lyric has to be “Every day is a fight, there’s no room for bloopers / Bugs coming at us like in Starship Troopers” but the entire thing is just hilarious and awesome. The full lyrics are below, but really, just do yourself a favor and watch the damn thing already.

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