The problem with cult classics: you probably haven’t heard of them.

Tomorrow is the release day for Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment’s Rise of the Triad – a revival of sorts for the cult classic Rise of the Triad from 1995. For those not keeping track of gaming history, Apogee Software is essentially 3D Realms (Duke Nukem) and thus with this preorder of the 2013 Rise of the Triad, you’ll get the “Apogee Throwback Pack” for free. The pack includes 3 games: Rise of the Triad (1995) with Extreme Rise of the Triad addon, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, and Blake Stone: Planet Strike. Fans of 90s FPS games will want to give this deal a good look. FYI: the Throwback Pack and the 2013 Rise of the Triad are two separate Steam keys. Extra preorder incentives include $2 cash back or $4 GMG credit.

In keeping with the spy theme of August’s upcoming The Bureau, the latest title in the XCOM franchise, Green Man Gaming’s doing a unique preorder offer setup with “reward tiers”. In a nutshell, you’re rewarded with more free game downloads the more people preorder. For starters, everyone’s getting the Codebreakers DLC for free. If enough people preorder to unlock the second tier, everyone gets Spec Ops: The Line for free, and if the preorder count quota for the final tier is filled, Green Man Gaming throws an XCOM Ultimate bundle in the mix that’ll include Enemy Unknown, all its DLC, and four other classic XCOM titles. All these downloads activate on Steam. Of course, the only downside is the thresholds are unknown, so this could all just be a giant marketing experiment. Then again, it might also turn out to be an awesome deal that you’d be foolish to miss out on from trepidation. (Guess they’ve got us there.)

Though it’s not even August yet, Best Buy began a Back to School sale earlier this week that includes some best-ever discounts on several hit video game titles. God of War: Ascension is going for $20 with free shipping – a new low by $7. Another hit PS3 game on sale is Ni no Kuni, down to $20 with free store pickup (sold out for shipping), making it lowest ever by $6 and $10 off the next best price online of $30. In total, there are 21 eligible games.

If you haven’t played through Saints Row 3 yet on the PC, there’s a really cheap way this week through the Humble Bundle Deep Silver sale. Today Humble Bundle launched a sale on select games from Deep Silver. Pay more than $1 and you’ll get Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row 2, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2 Gold. Beat the average (currently $4.40) and you’ll also get Dead Island GOTY and Saints Row 3: The Full Package. Finally, if you pay $25 or more, you’ll get Dead Island Riptide, but we recommend you just get Riptide at GameFly for $15.99 vs. paying $25 or more. FYI, each Humble Bundle price point tier = 1 Windows Steam key.

Hot Deals of the Week


Rise of the Triad (PC Download) – $14.99 at Green Man Gaming.

Includes a free Apogee Throwback Pack and your choice of either a $4 credit or $2 cash back. Releases July 31. In the UK, you get the same Apogee Throwback Pack incentive with the game priced at £9.99, as well as your choice of a £3 credit or £1 cash back.


The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (PC Download) – $44.99 at Green Man Gaming.

Includes Codebreaker DLC, $12 credit or $8 cash, and free 2K games. Releases August 20. List is $50. For our friends across the pond, GMG has the same offer priced at £26.99 (normally £29.99) with a £7 credit or £5 cash back, along with the same preorder incentives.


Deep Silver Bundle – Pay What You Want.

Pay more than $1 and you’ll net a Steam key for Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2 Gold. Beat the average and you’ll get an additional Steam key for Dead Island and Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package. Finally, for more than $25, you get another key for Dead Island: Riptide. Deal expires August 13.


Best Buy Back To School Sale – $10 – $20 off video games.

Why of course Back to School = buying more games. Best Buy’s sitewide Back to School sale includes plenty of hot games on sale. Ni No Kuni is all out of stock in my area but you might get lucky. Deal expires August 3.


Deep Silver Titles – up to 80% off after coupon at GameFly.

This week, GameFly has select Deep Silver titles up to 75% off instantly, and there’s a 20% off coupon code that stacks, effectively making a total discount of up to 80% off.

Upcoming Releases


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3) – $32.99 at NewEgg.

Releases August 27. List is $40. Deal expires July 31.


South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360) – $49.99 at NewEgg.

Releases November 19. List is $60. Deal expires August 5.


Skullgirls (PC Download) – $11.99 at GameFly.

Release date is Q3 2013. List is $15. Deal expires July 31.


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (PS3) – $49.99 at NewEgg.

Release is Q4 2013. List is $60. Deal expires July 31.


Yoshi’s New Island (Nintendo 3DS) – $34.99 at NewEgg.

Release is TBA 2014. List is $40. Deal expires August 5.

Recent Releases


Face Noir (PC Download) – $15.99 at GameFly.

Released July 18. List is $20.


Citadels (PC Download) – $28.79 at GameFly.

Released last Friday. List is $40. Deal expires July 31.

Multiple Platforms


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PS3, Xbox 360) – $34.99 at ToysRus.

Next best is $58 at Deal expires August 5.


DMC: Devil May Cry (Xbox 360, PS3) – $29.99 at Groupon.

Next best is $40 at Amazon. Deal expires August 3.


Madden NFL 13 (PS3, Xbox 360) – $14.99 plus $3.99 shipping at Best Buy.

Next best is $52 at Rakuten.

PC Downloads


SEGA Week Sale – up to 75% off at GamersGate.

Deal expires August 4.


The Sims 3: Island Paradise – $27.54 at GameFanShop.

Next best is $40 at Green Man Gaming. Deal expires August 4.


Defiance – $7.99 at GameFly.

Next best is $40.


Driver: San Francisco – $5 at GamersGate.

Next best is $19 at Amazon. Deal expires today.


Penumbra Collection – $4.99 at

List is $10. Deal expires August 1.

More Gaming Deals


Apple iTunes $50 Gift Card – $40 at OfficeMax.

Perfect if you want to add more games to your iOS devices. Deal expires August 3.


Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p Haswell 1080p Laptop – $949 at Lenovo.

Specs: Core i7-4700MQ, GeForce GT 750M, 24GB mSSD, and 8GB RAM. List is $1,369. Deal expires August 2.


Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition Haswell Desktop – $1,099.99 at Dell Home.

Specs: Quad Core i7-4770, GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2GB, 32GB SSD Cache, 16GB RAM, Blu-ray drive, and Windows 8 Pro. List is $1,550. Deal expires August 7.

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