Check Out All The New Animal Crossing Amiibos


Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival will feature the new card-based amiibos, but will also have a set of physical variants.

When Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival launches for the Wii U this December, it will be the first game to take advantage of Nintendo’s new card-based amiibo, which will be sold in lucky dip “booster packs” in a similar fashion to collectible card games. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t have physical amiibos to, for those with a bit of extra dosh (or if you’re lucky enough to snipe them before they sell out…).

Nintendo Japan has just finished revealing the full lineup for 2015, which you can check out bellow:

All of these guys will set you back the standard amiibo price of $15, and will be released in two waves – the first on November 21, and the second on December 17. At least, in Japan that is, as we’ve still no word on an official US release date.

Will you be getting the card-based Animal Crossing amiibos or are you gonna try and snap up the physical ones? I just want them to reprint the damn Splatoon amiibos, or make them available as cards, so I can get their extra content without paying the eBay ransom for them.

Source: Nintendo.

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