Check Out Skyrim Helmets and Even More Playable Wolf 3D in The Old Blood

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Just like it’s predecessor, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is packed with gaming references and Easter eggs. Check out a few with The Escapist and see where to find them for yourself.

The New Order revitalized an aging franchise by taking cues from the series’ storied past. The Old Blood kicks things into high gear by directly referencing previous games in the series and tossing in more gaming relics than before. Remember playing a level of Wolf 3D in the Rage engine? Now you get to play the entire first episode.

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Easter Eggs Guide

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Quake 3 Rocket Launcher

The developers over at MachineGames love Quake 3 and it shows. The multiplayer shooter’s iconic red Rocket Launcher returns, hanging from the keys during the car ride to Castle Wolfenstein in the prologue.

Fans of The New Order should remember this one. It was hanging from the keychain in that game, too. Don’t worry, The Old Blood has a few new tricks up it’s sleeve, it’s not all recycled!

Ripped Wolf 3D Poster

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Wolf3d Poster EE

During the prologue with Agent One, BJ and his disguised partner enter an aerial lift. The cable-based conveyance comes equipped with two levels and a set of stairs.

If you’re up for exploration and not too deterred by the fascist goon demanding papers, head down to the lower floor of the cable car and look out the window toward the very same concrete brutalism base you just exited from.

Torn and battered, there’s an easily identifiable Wolf 3D advertisement plastered to the wall. Not exactly a playable episode, but it’s a taste of things to come.

See the bed under the poster? That’s what BJ uses to take a quick nap and enter one of the many Wolf 3D levels available to play in this standalone add-on.

Oddly Familiar Logo…

Not exactly an Easter egg, but it’s worth noting here. All the logos for Castle Wolfenstein? They must share graphic designers with MachineGames, because all the iconography of the castle matches The New Order’s front cover.

The eponymous castle never makes an appearance in The New Order, but the evil place sure knows how to design a “W” — one that’s similar but very different to other Wolfenstein fonts.

Fallout 3 Nuka Cola

Seeing as Bethesda published the latest Fallout RPGs, any other games under its umbrella should reference that seminal series. It’s required by law.

Instead of Vault 101 doors, The Old Blood includes Nuka Cola on all of its vending machines. It’s easy to spot in the prologue, along with even more RPG references…

That Skyrim Helmet

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Skyrim EE

Still in the prologue, BJ will take an elevator down into an office containing some strange artifacts collected by Helga, Wolfenstein’s resident mad archaeologist.

Entering the offices, you’ll have an objective to “Find the document folder” before moving on. Past the odd stone slab mounted on a white pillar, which itself might be a reference, there’s a very familiar Nordic item on the desk ahead.

Sitting on a lofty position above a pile of cardboard boxes, you’ll find Skyrim’s signature dragon-slaying helmet. It’s got horns and everything. It’s even collectable to increase your armor score.

Even More of Wolf3D Episode 1

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Wolf3d Dream EE

During Part 1 of The Old Blood, BJ equips himself with a brutal pipe while sneaking around a creepy asylum-like prison area. After dropping down into an empty cell through a hatch, stop and turn around.

Take note, this is the second time BJ drops out of an open roof hatch onto a bunk bed.

Get a look at the bunk bed itself. An option appears — yes, just like in The New Order you can take a nap. Sleeping takes BJ straight into a dream-like recreation of the original Wolf 3D with some modern tweaks.

This is just the first of several retro dream sequences available in The Old Blood — or, that’s what MachineGames promises.

Making things even weirder, you’ll keep those advanced 3D weapons while shooting down pixelated sprite enemies. To continue, BJ even needs to collect an over-sized overly detailed key.

This isn’t even the first level you can enter in The Old Blood. Any bed with a nearby Wolf 3D poster leads to a dream sequence retro stage.

Want to find every extra level? Enter all nine stages with our Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Nightmare Levels Locations Guide.

Doom Cacodemon Doll

Returning to the Castle Wolfenstein Keep, BJ stumbles across Jager’s personal chamber. There’s a clueless officer inside examining a bookcase.

Next to the bed, there’s a place for Jager’s beloved dog. On the pile, there’s a red cacodemon plush doll straight from the Bethesda online store. Time paradox?

More to come!

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