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Controversial feature’s highly-praised “creation” sequence can now be viewed online

Darren Aronofsky’s controversial Biblical epic Noah polarized audiences and critics almost two months ago with a unique reinterpretation of the Old Testament story that combined apocryphal scripture and high-fantasy elements of the director’s own creation. But at least one aspect met with near-universal praise: The “Creation” sequence. Now, Protozoa Pictures (Aronofsky’s production company) has made the sequence available online for anyone who missed the movie (or just wanted to see it again.)

The film stirred controversy from before it was even finished shooting, largely due to the Noah’s Ark story being a fixture of the ongoing debates between some religious denominations and scientists over the teaching of Creationism versus Evolution in schools. Along with other more fantastical elements of the film, scenes that would’ve revealed what version of paleohistory would be shown in Noah were largely absent from trailers; and the scene itself doesn’t occur until well into the film when Noah (Russell Crowe), his family and the animals are already inside The Ark.

Running about three and a half minutes, “Creation” unfolds as time-lapse CGI animation sequence that plays out a (mostly) scientifically-accurate version of The Big Bang, the formation of Earth and evolution of life from single-celled organisms to early sea creatures to all variety of Earthly animals as Crowe’s Noah recites a version of the Biblical “seven days” creation story – implying that one is metaphor for the other. Adam & Eve, The Serpent and Eden appear only at the end, looking more surreal and alien than almost anything else in the film.

Noah is still playing in some theaters. A DVD/Blu-ray release date has not yet been announced.

Source: Protozoa Pictures

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