Check out the Sackboy Easter Egg in The Order: 1886

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Find Sackboy and other Sony-inspired Easter eggs hidden in The Order: 1886 with our quick guide.

The iconic Sackboy, the little stitched together marionette from the Little Big Planet series makes an appearance in Sony’s steampunk shooter. Playing as Galahad, it’s possible to examine a Sackboy doll in an abandoned building — he even counts toward your collectibles counter. Check out the instructions below to see him for yourself.

Get the rest of the hidden items, objects and papers with our Order: 1886 collectibles locations guide. Finding all 77 secrets unlocks the “Inspector First Class” trophy along with four others.

Sackboy & Sony Easter Eggs Guide

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Order 1886 Sackboy Easter Egg

The Sackboy Easter egg is located in Chapter 3: Inequalities. Once Galahad gets the airship’s attention midway through the chapter, you’ll continue forward with LaFayette.

On the way back to Igraine and Percival, the two knights jump across a long gap. LaFayette’s boot falls through the wooden platform after his harsh landing. Entering the empty building, you’ll climb through a window. Search the shelf in the back right corner of the room.

That’s where you’ll find Sackboy. This cute little doll almost looks like it could belong in steampunk London, but this isn’t the only Sony Easter egg.

Deep in the London Underground, look for “Kratos” brand bicycle advertisements, referencing the God of War series. There’s another God of War image hidden away in the White Chapel hospital basement. Check out the eye exams to see the Blades of Chaos. At the top of the exam, Daxter even appears in a nod to Naught Dog’s Jak & Daxter series on the Playstation 2.

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