Chillingo Founders Chris Byatte, Joe Wee Quit EA


No word on what Chris Byatte and Joe Wee intend to do next.

Chillingo founders Chris Byatte and Joe Wee have left Electronic Arts. Chillingo, the company behind Cut the Rope and the original publishers of Angry Birds, was bought out by EA for $20 million back in 2010, and its founders rose up the EA ranks to director and general manager respectively. No word yet on where the pair intend to go, or why they left.

It’s yet another loss for EA, coming close on the heels of the departure of Criterion’s founders, and two of PopCap‘s senior people.

Although Chillingo was bought out by EA, it has always maintained its own identity. Back in October 2013, COO Edward Rumley hinted at “disadvantages” in the EA partnership, suggesting that business culture clashes were to blame. At the time he was keen to stress that Chillngo had been “ring fenced” to preserve its company culture.

Perhaps the ring fence isn’t strong enough, or perhaps Byatte and Wee just decided they’d had enough of working for other people. Whichever way it went, it’s a rocky start to the year for EA.

Source: MCV

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