Chinese Inventor Builds Oil Barrel Submarine


Proving that a bit of determination can go a long way, 34-year-old amateur Chinese inventor Tao Xiangli has built a functional electric submarine.

Utilizing old oil barrels and second-hand tools, Xiangli spent two years and 30,000 yuan (the equivalent of $4,385 USD) constructing the sub, which, according to China Daily, comes equipped with a periscope, electric motor, two propellers, and a depth control tank.

Xiangli has acquired government permission to test his sub in a lake outside of Beijing, and is currently trying his hardest not to sink.

Reading the report on what features the sub supports, I notice one glaring omission: An onboard air supply. Unless “Tao Xiangli” is Chinese for Aquaman, don’t expect him to be trolling the Marianas Trench for signs of the Old Gods, or launching nukes off the coast of Vladivostok. Still, this is way more impressive than the volcano you built out of Papier-mâché in the third grade.

(Via dvice)


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