Chivalry – Medieval Warfare Runs at 60 FPS on PS4, 30 FPS on Xbox One


Here’s another one for the great framerate wars.

In a move that is starting to become the standard, Torn Banner Studios has confirmed that its upcoming console port of first-person-slasher Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will run at a lower framerate on the Xbox One. The game will run at 60 FPS on the PS4, but just 30 FPS on the Xbox One, meaning if you own both systems (for some reason) then the PS4 would probably be the one to buy it on.

The console port of the game launches this week, and as well as all of the content currently included in the PC version, will have a new “Horde mode” where you fight off skeletons and other monsters with your friends. The game’s multiplayer versus modes will also have their max player count doubled from the PS3 and Xbox 360’s 12 players, to 24 players. It will also use dedicated servers like the PC version.

In an interview with WCCF Tech, Torn Banner confirmed that mods and custom maps will not be making their way to the console versions due to “legal reasons”.

It’s a shame that games keep being downgraded for the Xbox One, but I suppose Microsoft shot itself in the foot when it decided to make a weaker machine (performance wise) than Sony’s offering. It is, however, worrying that a game originally released back in 2012 is struggling to hit a solid 60 FPS on a console that was only released two years ago…

You can pick the game up for $19.99 from Microsoft and Sony’s respective digital stores.

Source: Eurogamer

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