Chris Kramer Joins Capcom


Sony Online Entertainment executive Chris Kramer leaves to join Capcom USA.

Chris Kramer, Ex-Director of Public Relations at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), sent an e-mail to industry contacts announcing his departure from Sony to work as the Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Capcom USA. Kramer, who has spent the last three years with Sony, will begin his new job on November 1st.

Capcom recently hired two other executives, Germaine Gioia and
Charles Bellfield. Gioia, who was recruited from THQ, is Capcom USA’s first high ranking licensing officer and is now Senior Vice President of Licensing. The former Sega marketing leader, Charles Bellfield, joined the USA branch as Vice President of Marketing in June to oversee the company’s brand and product management, publicity, customer service, e-commerce and the website.

Source: Gamespot

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