Cinemax’s The Knick Is the ER of 1900


Check out the first trailer for the upcoming Steven Soderbergh-directed period drama.

Apparently no amount of hospital drama will ever be enough to satisfy the hunger of the television gods — but Cinemax’s upcoming The Knick looks to be entertaining even though it seems like we’ve already seen every possible permutation of the medical drama genre. So how do you make a tired concept new again? First: make it a period piece. The Knick is set in 1900 New York City, at a time when modern medicine was a lot less modern. The series follows surgical pioneer Doctor John Thackery, who — oops — has a cocaine problem. A brilliant doctor with a drug problem? That’s definitely a concept we’ve never heard of before. Nope. Not at all.

But while the series could be on the fast track to tropetown (with some fun period set dressing), it’s got star power behind it with Clive Owen playing Tackery and Steven Soderbergh directing. Watching the first full trailer, we can see how this particular cocktail might work out to be something more than just the bloody mess we’re promised by virtue of it airing on Cinemax. Oh, what can we say? After toughing it out for 15 seasons of ER, we’re definitely tuning in. The Knick premieres on Cinemax August 8th.

Source: Deadline

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