City Of Heroes: Marvel Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man #50 (pt. 1)


The story arc also features the KINGPIN and ELEKTRA, as they, Spidey and the Black Cat all fight to possess an ancient stone tablet with unimaginable power!

“Now FIFTY issues in, working on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is still this amazing, creatively fulfilling honor”, said writer Brian Bendis. “In a million years I would have never imagined that we would be looking at this book so high on the sales charts and, more importantly, so warmly thought of by readers of all ages and tastes. Mark [Bagley] and Art [Thibert] are delivering work that I firmly believe will be remembered for years.

When I saw the art coming in for #50, I thought to myself that it reads just like a #1 issue for new readers, AND as a celebration of these past four years for current fans of the series! A new chapter of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN – that’s the whole point of the Ultimate line! And if we’re doing it at issue #50, we’ll still be doing it at issue #100!

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is the 2003 WIZARD FAN AWARDS winner for Favorite Ongoing Series, Writer (Bendis), Hero, Supporting Character (Mary Jane), Inker (Art Thibert) and letterer (Chris Eliopoulos)!

The special landmark 48-page ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #50 [OCT031540], the start of a new 4-part story arc “CLAWS”, goes on sale December 3rd with a cover price of $2.99. Retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off (FOC) date is Thursday, 11/13.

The 32-page ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #51 [OCT031541] goes on sale December 17th with an 11/26 FOC and a cover price of $2.25.

Readers, ask your local comic book retailer to reserve your copies of these special ULTIMATE STARTS issues!

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