The executive producer for Ubi Soft’s cel-shaded shooter kicks off our latest developer diary series.
By Julien Bares

In a year promising some major action game releases, one of the biggest on the horizon is XIII, a first-person shooter being created by Ubi Soft for both the PC and all the next-generation consoles. Powered by the latest Unreal engine technology, it’s easy to notice the game’s biggest hook: its cartoon-style graphics and comic book like presentation. However, XIII promises more than a pretty look, with a deep, conspiracy-driven plotline and a few big names contributing their voice talents, including X-Files David Duchovny in the lead role as agent XIII, as well as rapper Eve as Major Jones, who helps XIII along the way.

In the first installment of our new developer diary series, XIII’s Executive Producer, Julien Bares, talks about how XIII came about and some of the differences between the single-player and multiplayer components of the game.

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