Chris Hare’s a bit Kermit right about now.

“I’m pretty sure Kermit The Frog would just panic up and down the backstage for a while, then straighten up and head out front, in a perfectly calm, if somewhat choked voice, and thank everyone,” says Chris Hare of Missing Worlds Media, the folks behind the City of Titans Kickstarter. It just goes to show you can’t keep a good hero down, as the spandex-clad spiritual successor to City of Heroes has reached its $320,000 funding goal, with 26 days still to go on the funding clock.

Now Missing Worlds has to deliver, and Hare knows it. He promises new videos, and glimpses of new content, in the coming days. At the moment, Titan City has yet to really take shape; it’s just words and a few art assets, but the game’s being built in the spirit of City of Heroes, and that has been enough to lure fans. This will be a digitally distributed game at launch and there is an optional VIP Subscription after you’ve bought the game, as well as an in-game shop. “This game has to pay for itself,” says Missing Worlds, possibly with one eye on the fate of NCSoft’s original superhero title, which went under, despite strong support, thanks in part to a lack of cash.

“Someday, we hope to be worthy of the trust you’ve placed in us,” says Hare. “I’ve placed my name and reputation on it.” This one runs until November 4th so, if you’re interested, get thee to Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter

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