Civilization: Beyond Earth First Gameplay Footage


Check out the first in-game footage from Firaxis’s upcoming space-age Civilization title.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is Firaxis’s upcoming space-age Civilization title that will see players take a space-faring civilization off to colonize a new world. Up until now, we’ve only seen some screenshots and heard some impressions, but now, we’ve got a full eight-minute developer walkthrough, complete with in-game footage.

Firaxis spoke with GameTrailers about some of the core gameplay tennants we will be seeing in the upcoming series, such as the “affinity” system, which will have players find balance between three distinct play-styles: “Harmony, Purity and Supremacy”.

“The Harmony player is gonna try to become indigenous to the planet … they get there through gene-splicing and sort of manipulating the morphology of the human species,” Lead Designer Will Miller explained. Meanwhile, Supremacy players are “planet-agnostic”, and can develop irregardless of their chosen planet by augmenting their bodies with technology to adapt, while the Purity players reject both of these philosophies – they want to instead maintain their humanity and transform the planet into a “new Earth.”

Each affinity has its own victory condition, and a massive, sprawling tech-tree will help players down whatever path they choose. “When you start the game, you’ll start with technologies most people would find recognizable … but as you move out, you start to get to the more fantastical,” said Co-Lead Designer David McDonough, explaining that the game utilizes a nice mix of both science, and science-fiction.

Either way, it’s looking more and more like this game will satisfy the “Just one. MORE. TURN!” addiction of Civilization fanatics!

Source: GameTrailers

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