Civilization Composer Officially Endorses Amusing Theme Lyrics


Did you know that the menu theme in Civilization 4 has secret lyrics? Oh yes, it does.

It’s probably quite common for gamers to come up with their own lyrics when a videogame’s theme song is stuck in their heads, but YouTube’s “Brentalfloss” has taken the practice to the next level and gotten his officially endorsed. The comedian known for videogame theme song lyrics developed his version of the Civilization IV menu theme “Baba Yetu,” which significantly increases the original work’s hilarity level.

Christopher Tin, the composer of “Baba Yetu,” has apparently endorsed the video according to Brent. “Baba Yetu” has gotten critical acclaim due to its inclusion in Civilization IV, winning multiple awards and now sung by non-videogame choirs across the world.

But I doubt that those choirs are using the version that calls Montezuma a “douchebag.” Brent’s video was released just in time to celebrate the release of Civilization V on the PC, with IV having been released in 2005.

While the lyrics are funny, I think they also make for a pretty good Civilization explanation in layman’s terms. You can nuke any nation you want while also creating Jewish Nazis and building wonders of the world in Cleveland, but you always have to keep an eye out for that sneaky Gandhi.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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