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Clan Interview: Redemption


Today we have another interview with one of Redemption’s senators Pale One. Redemption is a PvP, Role-playing guild who look to recruit mature players. If you would like to learn more about Redemption click “read more”.

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Clan Interview: Redemption
Interview by Morkdaorc and interviewee Pale One

1) What is your clan’s background? When did you start and how?

Redemption was formed during Shadowbane beta. It was formed out of the ashes of another flawed guild by members who looked to create a new vision in online gaming. The focus was maturity, respect and gaming skill. No leet trash talking 13 year olds allowed. Respect your guildmates. Fight as a Team. we are a structured organization with a charter outlining our procedures and goals. We have a very strict seeker (guild application) system where your potential membership is subject to the approval of the current membership.

Redemption also looked to bring two previously mutually exclusive concepts together: roleplay and PVP excellence. Usually you don’t see the two together in one place. Our members seek to immerse themselves in a game’s Lore and then look to bring that lore to life. In Shadowbane, we became the Temple of the Cleansing flame; a group of religious zealots determined to cleanse the world of lesser races and heretics. We would not spare a lore enemy’s city the torch, nor would we attack a lore ally unless we were able to convince ourselves that they were heretics of the most nefarious order. You would not hear battle cries of “PWNED NOOB” but that of “BURN HERETIC” or “FOR ST. MALORN”(the living Patron saint of the Temple of the Cleansing Flame).

In Shadowbane Beta, through a plan born of guile and deception, we gained control of the city of Almecka. The city was directly on the border of two large opposing factions. It was besieged for twenty eight days – straight, and it never fell. We don’t claim to be the best, but we bring our A-game.

2) Will your clan be an evil or good clan?

That is an interesting question. When we immerse ourselves in the game’s lore, we fulfill the self-perceived role of heroes. So from our perspective, we are defenders of our nation, faction or religion. We don’t random pk our LORE allies and we entreat all with respect (recognizing the person behind the character), regardless of their lore status. So I would call us a good clan. But from your perspective, my guess is that you would call us an evil clan. We find the most fun in portraying ourselves as good but taking that notion of good to its furthest extreme. An example in popular literature would be the Whitecloaks in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. Others will judge us based on their perception of our actions. For instance, our guild culture has us hating all things elf. Unless the game disallows it via mechanics, we always pick a faction that hates elves. So if you play an Elf, you will be killed on sight, regardless of your intent or desire. As such, you will call us evil.

3) What race is your clan going to be and will you accept people that are
not this race?

At this time we intend to play Dragonbound Orcs and Mahirim. We will be focused on aggressively seeking sacrifices to appease our god. We will be slaughtering all of the lesser races without mercy. Especially elves; we hate elves and will be starting in New Flayed Elf. I don’t believe we will have characters from any other race in the guild. This could change based on racial abilities, stats, and game mechanics, but we are pretty comfortable playing religious zealots mad for conquest and want to stick with what we do best

4)How big is your clan, and how much do you plan on growing by Darkfall?

We will bring a core of 30- 60 active gamers. Many of our more ruthless PVP oriented members, have gotten frustrated and left WOW. We anticipate that they will be returning in force so that number could be larger. We plan on continuing to recruit mature skilled gamers throughout our stay in Agon. We have high recruiting standards and won’t be a zerg of low skilled gamers.

5)Do you have any enemies or alliances yet? Are you looking for Alliances
as of right now?

We have made many friends and enemies in the 5 + years that Redemption has been gaming. Some of our better friends have been dedicated enemies in-game. As such, our friendships will not play a role with our actions inside the realm of Agon(Darkfall). To re-iterate what was said earlier: If our friends play lore enemies, then they will be enemies in-game. If our enemies play lore allies, then we will play as cautious allies unless they prove themselves enemies. To further expound, if our friends play Mirdain, they are dead. If our enemies play Orc or Mahirim they will be spared unless they attack us.

6)Are you recruiting right now and if so how could a person looking to join

You can apply now and join us in either WOW as Horde on Drakthul, BF-2142, or in our strategy gaming division which is playing Supreme Commander, Dawn of War and DOTA. If you join us in-game you can become a member before Darkfall Beta begins. If you are serious about becoming Redeemed (a member of Redemption) visit us at www.redemption-gaming.com.

7) Does your clan play any other games right now and if so which ones?

-World of Warcraft: Horde on Drakthul
-Battlefield 2142
-Strategy Section with Supreme Commander, Dawn of War and Warcraft III mod: Defense of the Ancients

8 ) Why would someone want to join your clan?

If you are looking for a mature focused PVP oriented clan without all the trash talk and drama, take a look at us. We have the reputation, the experience, and the leadership needed to leave our mark on Agon. When we left Shadowbane, they named a server Redemption. Coincidence? Come be a part of Agon’s History.

9) Why did your clan choose Darkfall? What made you decided to wait for it?

Darkfall has everything Shadowbane promised and more. If it lives up to the promise, it will be the greatest game we have ever played.

10 )Any comments you would like to add before were done?

Visit us at www.redemption-gaming.com

I would like to thank Pale for his time talking about Clan Redemption and hope the best for them once Darkfall is released. If you would like for your clan to get an interview at Darkfall Warcry email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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