Classic Game Characters Run a Race


A who’s-who of classic videogame characters square off to find out who’s the fastest in a fun fan-made video starring Mario, Mega Man, Cool Spot, Sonic the Hedgehog and many others.

Who’s the fastest videogame character on the planet? Is it Sonic? Is it Mario? Is it that fat pink blobby guy? I won’t tell you that but I will tell you this: Whoever wins, we lose!

Actually, that’s not true. This very cool video, made by a pair of Australian brothers and multimedia designers who work together as Mass Panic Media, includes a pile of game characters, some instantly recognizable and some rather obscure, is an awesome homage to classic, old-school gaming and even features a surprise ending. Cool music, too.

My shameful admission is that as a long-time PC guy, there are an awful lot of runners in this race who I just don’t recognize. The plumber’s there, and the rodent, and I think I know the duck and a few others, but that’s a long way from catching them all. Somebody needs to come up with a program for these players.

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