Cliffy B Offers to Help Capcom Fix Resident Evil


Resident Evil 6 disappointed critics, and apparently also Cliff Bleszinksi.

Once hailed as the ultimate survival horror franchise, Resident Evil has wandered further and further from its roots in recent years. The recent Resident Evil 6 has been met with mixed reviews, with many critics declaring the game dead-on-arrival. But fear not, Raccoon City citizens, industry veteran Cliff Bleszinksi will make it all better. In a recent tongue-in-cheek tweet, the former Gears of War designer quips “Hey, Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together.”

Of course we have to assume Bleszinski was merely commenting on the somewhat disappointing sixth numbered iteration of the series, but that didn’t stop a number of Japanese gaming blogs from spreading the tweet. Bleszinski even noted that he has received a huge wave of new Japanese followers on his Twitter account since cracking the joke.

Bleszinski recently departed Epic Games after two decades of work. Gamers are likely most familiar with him from his work on the Gears series, though he was also instrumental in the Unreal franchise from 1999 to the most recent release, Unreal Tournament III, in 2007. The well-known designer hasn’t stated what his next project will be, but despite his apparent willingness to bring Resident Evil back from the dead, we doubt we’ll see his name associated with Resident Evil 7.

Source: GameSpot

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