CliffyB Sticks Up for the Wii U


People might trash talk the Wii U now, says Bleszinski, but when it comes out, they’ll buy it like everyone else.

Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski has defended the Wii against its detractors, specifically those who are saying that it’s just a retread of Sega’s Dreamcast. The oft-outspoken developer said that not every console had to reinvent the wheel, and that old ideas led to new ones.

“The Power Glove led to the Wii, right? The Virtual Boy led to the 3DS, right?” he said. “A lot of these older technologies that you forget about are [the technological predecessors].” Bleszinksi was excited about the possibilities that the Wii U controller offered, joking that it would allow him to play console games while sitting on the toilet. When it came to the console’s detractors, he said that as much as people might bash the console now, he was confident that everyone would buy it when it came out. “It’s Nintendo,” he said “They’ll talk shit but they’ll buy it.”

It seems bizarre to anyone to single the Wii U out for building on older ideas; analog sticks have been around for years, and yet no one calls out the PS3 and the Xbox 360 for being just like the N64. New consoles have always built on the hardware that came before it, and the Wii U is no different.

Source: Industry Gamers

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