Clinton, Lieberman Praise ESRB


In a press conference held in Washington yesterday, Senators Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman praised the effectiveness of the ESRB.

“We all share in the responsibility of making sure our children play age-appropriate video games, and I’m pleased that the ESRB and retailers are working together to educate parents about the video game ratings and make sure they are enforced,” said Clinton. “As we enter the holiday shopping season, it is important that parents have the information they need to make informed choices that are right for their families.”

The press conference came together to celebrate the new ESRB ad campaign designed to educate parents about the rating system. The ads will run on 800 stations nationwide.

Senator Lieberman was also quick to praise the ESRB while maintaining his reservations about the effect of violent games on children. “I continue to be concerned about the impact on minors of playing violent video games intended for older players. Thus, I am very pleased that the ESRB and the retailers are taking these positive steps to reach out to parents to educate them about the rating system,” he said. “I have long said that the ESRB ratings are the most comprehensive in the media industry.”

Despite their apparent enthusiasm for the ratings system, the Senators have been working to limit violent game sales to minors, including a “Family Entertainment Protection Act” which was introduced a year ago. The bill is currently with the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation for deliberation. It’s not likely to take the next step and move to open debate anytime soon.

Source: GamePolitics

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