CoD Fan Site Pays For Posts


A fledgling Call of Duty fan site has been paying Filipinos for forum posts.

The Call of Duty fan site CoDHQ is pretty much brand new, and hasn’t really built up much of a community yet, which is why site owner Ross Lee is paying people to keep the post count up.

On the site, Lee is offering four cents a post to any Filipinos with a mind to post – no, I don’t know why he went with Filipinos either – as long as they followed his rules: Stay on topic, post in English, throw in the occasional screenshot, and make sure that the first post is in the introductions thread.

When quizzed on why he was paying people to post on his forum, Lee said that he had less time to post the site that he’d planned and that his only motive was to keep the activity going in his absence, but it does raise the question if other forums are paying their posters to keep the conversation going.

Oh, and before you ask, no, we don’t do that on The Escapist.

Source: Game Politics

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