Unlock the best chipset in Prey [2017] and see how to complete every step of the Treasure Hunt Challenge with this complete side quest guide.

While exploring the expansive Crew Quarters in Prey, you’re pretty likely to stumble upon the first steps of a wide-ranging Treasure Hunt side quest. Abigail Foy’s workstation hides a unique reward, and you can only download the fabrication plan if you complete all four hidden treasure maps.

Here, we’ll break down where to find all four maps, and how to solve each one. Once you’ve got the keycode, you can download the reward and reap the benefits.

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All Treasure Map Locations | Treasure Hunt Quest Guide

NOTE: Don’t skip to the end. To get the real reward, you’ll need to complete every step of this quest.

The “Treasure Hunt” quest begins in the Crew Quarters. Access Danielle Sho’s computer in her cabin and read her emails to find the first clue that starts the treasure hunt.

There are four maps, and each map has a specific “treasure” you’ll need to find to solve it.

Treasure Map #1: Crew Quarters – Get Elias Black’s map from the conference table on the second floor of the Recreation Room. It looks like a small yellow post-it note.

  • Solution #1: Crew Quarters – From the Lobby area, go up the stairs on the right and enter the maintenance closet near the bar. There’s a 6 on the wall near the Recycler. Look at it to solve the first map.

Treasure Map #2: Crew Quarters – The map for Emma Beatty is located in the Fitness Center. Get the door code from the unlocked workstation at the Concierge desk. Take it off Emma Beatty’s body — she wanders the Fitness Center area.

  • Solution #2: Cargo Bay – Enter the G.U.T.S. loading area through Cargo Bay B and look on the wall to the right of the Life Support bulkhead to get the 5.

Treasure Map #3: Arboretum – Take the map off Zachary West’s body, located near the Deep Storage door.

  • Solution #3: Life Support – Down in the Water Treatment Facility, find the grav lifts in the far back of the room. To the left, there’s a big 3 printed on the wall.

Treasure Map #4: Deep Storage – The last map is on Danielle Sho’s workstation, on the second floor of Deep Storage in her office. Download it from the Files tab.

  • Solution #4: G.U.T.S. – Enter the Fuel Storage chamber on the path to the Shuttle Bay. Hop over the busted catwalk and approach the disabled bulkhead door. To the right, the last printed number is found.

You now have all four keycode numbers. Return to Abigail Foy’s cabin in the Crew Quarters with your four numbers and enter the code in the “Hidden Treasure” Utilities tab. The code is randomized but always uses the numbers [3] [1] [5] [6].

As a reward, you’ll unlock the Adventurer’s Toolkit v1.X Fabrication Plan. This plan creates a special chipset that, when installed, provides the following effects:

  • Adventurer’s Toolkit Chipset Bonuses: Increased recycler yield, increased wrench critical hit chance, a more efficient flashlight, and crawl through tight spaces more quickly.

That’s a pretty big reward! Make sure to equip it and enjoy the spoils!

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