Consoles Are a Hit With Netflix Streamers, Says Survey


The Wii is second only to the computer when it comes to Netflix streaming, with the PS3 and Xbox 360 following close behind.

According to a recent survey conducted by media research company Nielsen, a significant number of Netflix streaming customers use videogame consoles to watch content. The survey showed that the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 were three of the five most common methods that customers used to watch movies and TV shows on the service.

The Nielsen survey asked 12,000 people about their streaming habits. The most common streaming method was sitting in front of a computer, with 42% of those surveyed watching content that way, but interestingly, the second most common was the Wii, with 25% of respondents using it. The PS3 and Xbox 360 were the fourth and fifth most common ways respectively, with 13% having used the PS3, and 12% having used the Xbox 360.

The survey also looked at how people used Hulu, and found that the overwhelming majority – nearly 90% – watched content on a computer, with alternate methods like consoles proving much less popular. Only 3% of those surveyed used the Wii or PS3, and only 2% using the Xbox 360.

It’s not just how people are watching content is different either, what they’re actually watching is vastly different too. The majority of Netflix users are either watching just movies, or a mix of movies and TV shows, whereas Hulu users mainly watch TV shows. That’s not particularly strange though, the two services have different focuses, so it makes sense that people use them differently.

Source: Nielsen via Gamasutra

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