Construction Paper Animation Explains Star Wars in Minutes


This is the most relaxing version of the Star Wars trilogy you’ll ever see.

I’ve never cried when watching Star Wars, but there’s a first for everything. This video created by musician Jeremy Messersmith and animator Eric Power that covers the entire original trilogy in the span of two minutes through construction paper animation sure got me close.

The music video was made to accompany Messersmith’s Tatooine, which is quite obviously a song about the planet of the same name from Star Wars. Messersmith calls Power and himself “original trilogy fanboys,” so the intention of the creation was to align his “lo-fi song” with a “very 2D music video.”

So just sit back, get yourself a handful of popcorn, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of Messersmith for a couple of minutes. The video might skip certain scenes, but the construction paper version of Emperor Palpatine’s smile almost negates everything evil he’s ever done, and the destruction of the Death Star has never been so cute.

Eric Power has also created animated videos with a similar style that follow the adventures of Link from Legend of Zelda, so if you like this you might want to check those out too. Messersmith’s music can be found here.

Source: Jeremy Messersmith, Eric Power

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