Continue To Earn Endless Cash With This Patch 1.02 Fallout 4 Caps Exploit

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The caps just keep flowing in, no matter how quickly the developers at Bethesda patch exploits out. The dedicated Fallout 4 community already have a new method to earn unlimited caps, and we’re here to share the secret with you.

Remember that glitch that allows you to multiply your earnings while trading with just about any wasteland vendor? We covered that early infinite caps exploit right here, and that particular money-making scheme won’t work if you’ve installed Patch 1.02. If you’re eager to experience bug fixes and smoother framerates, but want to keep gaming the single-player economy, the world has coalesced to provide an answer. Check out this all new method below.

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Brotherhood Infinite Caps Exploit

This caps exploit works with Patch 1.02 on PC or Consoles (Xbox One / Playstation 4)

To take advantage of this new method, you’ll need to be aligned with the Brotherhood of Steel later in the main story, after the arrival of the Prydwen.

Talk to Proctor Ingram and accept her sidequest to collect Reactor Coolant. Proctor Ingram is the woman in a Power Armor frame in the Power Armor bay of the Prydwen.

Returning Reactor Coolant to Proctor Ingram rewards you with 100 caps per unit. It’s possible to create an endless supply of Reactor Coolant without using any materials.

Reactor Coolant Exploit – Step-by-Step

  • 1. To craft Reactor Coolant, you’ll need: Gas Canisters, Anti Freeze, Dirty Water and Nuclear Material. Nuclear Material is found in any glowing creatures, in meat bags, Suiciders, or vendors. Anti Freeze can be found in the Red Rocket station near the Adam’s Cats gang.
  • 2. Once you have all the items, return to the Prydwen and use the Chem Station to craft Reactor Coolant. The Reactor Coolant recipe appears under the Utility Tab and requires materials in these amounts; Anti Freeze Bottles (3), Dirty Water (5), Gas Canister (1), and Nuclear Material (2).
  • 3. Press the buttons for [COOK] and [BACK] at the exact same time. Press [MAKE] when the crafting window appears. If you did it correctly, you’ll return to the Chem Station menu with one Reactor Coolant made, but no materials used.
  • 4. Repeat the process until you have plenty of Reactor Coolant to turn in to Proctor Ingram. Go until you’re encumbered, and drop to the bay below to get your reward.

It’s just that easy. Look forward to this exploit getting patched out next, so make all your money now!

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