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Control Story Trailer Is Profoundly Confounding, but It’s Gorgeous

Control Remedy Entertainment Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment’s Control appears unintelligible yet promising. Ahead of the game’s Aug. 27 release date for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, publication VG247 posted a new story trailer for the Alan Wake developer’s latest David Lynch-style paranormal acid trip.

Control‘s new preview emphasizes the innately mysterious qualities within the game. Narrated by an antagonistic and creepy prison inmate, the preview presents an ominous tone complemented by nightmarish visuals. Story details surrounding main protagonist Jesse Faden or the paranormal force invading her secretive agency are not exactly forthcoming.

However, what we know from other previews are that the Hiss are an apparently alien threat that Jesse must combat. She uses both a special weapon called the Service Weapon and telekinetic powers in order to fight. More Hiss can actually teleport directly into the middle of an ongoing fight, meaning the player has to be prepared for a constantly-changing battlefield.

The trailer additionally highlights the game’s gorgeous visual aesthetic. While the clips within the teaser mostly appear to be CG cinematics, the dynamic lighting and attention to detail are damn near awe-inspiring. If Remedy Entertainment’s developmental expertise is up to the task, the upcoming third-person action horror title may be this year’s big sleeper hit.

We’ll know soon enough.

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